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"VOLT" is a sound installation for headphones. I first composed three pieces of purely electronic music with the help of a limited number of synthesizers (Roland SH2 and SH5, Doepfer Dark Energy II, Formanta Polivoks).

The pieces were then played through a 8-channel setup in one of the exhibition rooms of Centre Pasquart (Biel, CH) and simultaneously re-recorded through a binaural setup, at a precise spot in the room.

What we listen to through headphones is the result of these recordings : purely synthetic sounds projected inside the room's wide acoustics, and played back at the exact same listening position.

The concept can be interpreted as the aural equivalent of augmented reality, where the limit between the real space and the recording of that space is blurred. The concept can easily be applied to other rooms and multiple listening positions, in order to achieve an unprecedented level of acoustic immersion.

Total duration: 28 minutes

First exhibited at : Centre Pasquart (Biel, CH)